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Cedefop and OECD symposium
The next steps for apprenticeships

OECD Conference Centre, Paris, October 7 2019
[Address: 2, rue André Pascal, 75016 Paris]

The joint Cedefop/OECD symposium on apprenticeship (7 October 2019) brings together policy makers, practitioners and researchers from around the world to consider new research exploring the next steps for apprenticeship provision. It is timely to look at the future of apprenticeship from the perspective of a number of external mega trends - such as socio-demographic changes, new technologies and new forms of work organisation, trends in education and training - and consider how they have affected (or will affect) the design and delivery of apprenticeship and policy approaches towards its provision. Symposium participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from new research and innovative practices on the mega trends and discuss the findings with other policy makers, practitioners and researchers.

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